An Uppercuts Christmas 2018

All products are ethically sourced and hand picked before being stocked on Uppercuts shelves. We aim to ensure the highest quality product for your Xmas table and our bodies!

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Orders can be placed either in store or over the phone.

Tel: 9579-5039

Address: 767 Centre Road, East Bentleigh, 3165.


A deposit of $40 is required to secure your order. You will receive a receipt and order number.

Orders will close on Sun 16th Dec

Any late orders cannot be guaranteed but our best efforts are always made to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pick Up

Orders can be picked up Xmas week 21dec-24th dec unless otherwise organised.

We are looking forward to celebrating our 4th Christmas with you, any queries at all please drop us a line, email (, Facebook or pop in, we are always up for a good chat!


Any home deliveries may be difficult on Xmas week however please discuss with staff if needed, we aim to make everyone’s Xmas a smooth one! Cheers to you East Bentleigh for another safe, prosperous and Merry Christmas and New Year.

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Whole Hams

Barossa Boneless Mini Gypsy Ham  (900g) $23.99/kg
Barossa Whole Ham on the Bone (9.5-10kg) $17.99/kg
Barossa Free Range Whole Ham On the Bone (9.5-10kg) $22.99/kg
Barossa Nitrate Free Whole Ham On the Bone (9.5-10kg) $19.99/kg
Bouchiers St Bernards Free Range Full Ham on the Bone (7-9kg) $24.99/kg
Bouchiers St Bernards Free Range Boneless Slicing Ham skin on (3.5-4kg) $29.99/kg
Bouchiers St Benards Free Range Ham Nugget (1kg) $29.99/kg


Traditional Ham Bags    $3.00 EA

Half Hams

Barossa Half ham on bone  (5-6kg) $17.99/kg
Barossa Free Range Half Ham on the Bone (5-6kg) $22.99/kg
Barossa Nitrate Free Half Ham on the bone  (5-6kg) $19.99/kg
Bouchiers St Bernards Free Range Half Ham on the Bone (3-5kg) $25.99/kg
Bouchiers St Bernards Free Range Boneless Slicing Ham skin on (3.5-4kg) $29.90/kg
Bouchiers St Benards Free Range Ham Nugget (1kg) $29.99/kg


Dr Johnsons Whole (3.5-7kg) $11.99/kg
Dr Johnsons Buffe (3.5-6kg) $12.99/kg
Dr Johnsons Stuffed and Rolled turkey breast (1-3kg) $27.99/kg
Leadoux Free Range whole Turkey (3.5-7kg) $21.99/kg
Leadoux Free Range Turkey Buffe (3.5-6kg) $22.99/kg
Leadoux Stuffed and rolled turkey breast (1-3kg)

Stuffing for turkey breast

Uppercuts Made:

  • Apricot and Macadamia
  • Cranberry and chestnut
Peter Bouchier home made Turkey Gravy size? $9.90ea


Hazeldenes-Bendigo free range whole chickens ( $7.50/kg


Berkshire APIQ certified Free Range rolled pork loins (1-5kg)
Can be Stuffed if desired with your choice of ingredients. Please specify with order.
All other pork cuts are available ask our friendly staff, we use only Berkshire certified Free Range pork. Cuts such as:

  • Belly
  • Ribs
  • Legs
  • Shoulder

available on shelves

Price as Marked


Great Southern Pinnacle Eye Fillet Roasts-free range-grass fed-  approx 1-3kg $48.99/kg
Great Southern Pinnacle Scotch Fillet Roasts-free range-grass fed-approx 1-3kg $43.99/kg
All other beef cuts are available ask our friendly staff, we use only Great Southern Certified Free Range beef. Cuts such as:

  • Wing rib roasts
  • Porterhouse
  • Topside
  • Short ribs

available on shelves

Price as Marked


Bultara Saltbush free range legs of lamb approx 1-3kg $17.99/kg
Bultara Saltbush free range shoulder of lamb approx 1-3kg $17.99/kg
All other lamb cuts are available ask our friendly staff, we use only Bultara saltbush Free Range lamb. Cuts such as :

  • Racks
  • Shanks
  • Boneless and Rolled legs
  • Shoulders

available on shelves

Price as Marked


All ethically sustained seafood

****Please note****

Pricing with seafood is at market price which can fluctuate daily depending on availability and time of year, we can offer approximate price guides which are subject to some variance. Our seafood is fresh and ethically sourced and of the highest quality.

Red Coral Bayswater-U8 Jumbo Prawns approx $50-55/kg
Red Coral Bayswater-U10 King Prawns approx $45-55/kg
Red Coral Bayswater Green King Prawns approx $50-60/kg
Red Coral Tasmanian Open Oysters $19.99/doz
Red Coral Tasmanian Salmon portions $36.99/kg
Varieties such as:

  • a side of salmon
  • Canadian Scallops
  • Canadian Scallops
  • Mussels
  • White fish portions
  • Crustaceans

are available at your request.

On Request


All our Puddings are from PUD for all seasons located in Castlemain.

The various flavors are:  800g

Traditional $30
Double Choc, Orange and Cointreau $30
Date and Butterscotch $30
Cranberry and white chocolate $30
Gluten Free Traditional $31


Our suet is from great southern free range-grass fed beef $4.50/kg

Gourmet Xmas Merchandise for cooking or as gifts

Gourmet Merchant Sea Salt Flakes $9.60
Gourmet Merchant Greek Gyros Rub $9.60
Gourmet Merchant Ras El Hanout $9.60
Gourmet Merchant Roasted Spice sea salt Rub $9.60
Gourmet Merchant Evo Balsamic Vinegar 100ml $7.20 ea
Gourmet Merchant Cumberland Relish Cranberry & Port 350g $9.99
Gourmet Merchant Spiced fruit mince 350g $8.90
Gourmet Merchant Apricot & Pistachio fruit paste pyramid $5.95
Gourmet Merchant Siena Panforte 200g $11.50 ea
Gourmet Merchant Chilli Jam $8.95
Connoisseur Collection Festive Humbugs (110g) $5.90/110g
Gourmet Merchant Christmas tree lollipops $3.85
Gourmet Merchant sweet onion chutney $8.95
Gourmet Merchant Mince Tarts 4pk $9.95
Gourmet Merchant Festive Xmas Jam $8.95
Emilias the saucy Australian-Apple sauce(250ml) $9.99/250ml
Emilias the Saucy Australian-Beetroot relish (250ml) $9.99/250ml
Emilias the saucy Australian Chilli infused Oil 250ml $11.95
Emilias the saucy Australian garlic infused oil 250ml $11.95
Emilias the saucy Australian-Mint sauce (250ml) $9.99/250ml
Emilias the saucy Australian Seeded saucy Australian-Cranberry Sauce 250ml $9.99
Emilias the Saucy Australian Mustard Mayonnaise $9.99
Emilias the saucy Australian Harissa Mayonnaise $9.99
Phillipas Caramel Brandy Sauce $14.50
Peter Bouchier Turkey Gravy $9.90/ea
Phillipas Gingerbread Christmas Trees $14.50
Phillipas Gingerbread Angels $8.50
Phillippas Honey Stars $10.90
Phillippas Sesame Spiced Almonds (wheat free) $12.90
Phillippas Peppered Cashews(vegan) $10.30
Phillippas Gourmet Premium Spiced Nut range $11.90
Phillippas Mince Pies, ½ doz $14.90

Deli and Seafood Platters

All our seafood is ethically sourced, our deli meats are free range and some nitrate free options available also.

Ham Bags

Traditional Ham Bags $3.00/ea