It is leaner – about 1/3 the fat
It is higher in conjugated linoleic acid – 3-5 times as much
It is higher in omega-3 fatty acids – 2-6 times as much
It is higher in vitamin E – 2-4 times as much
It is higher in beta-carotene
It is Better for our Local Community
It is Gluten Free

Free Range Meat contains no GMO’s because the animal eats only grass which means this meat is totally grain free, thus free from hormones, antibiotics and other growth stimulants.

Our Bodies typically break down and digest most meat by 8-10 hours, and eliminate waste by around 24 hours. Free Range Meat is much faster, with a digestion time of 6 hours and an elimination time of 14-16 hours. This is because the meat is all natural and therefore the body works less in the process, taking the pressure off your organs. This in turn keeps optimum colon, Kidney & Liver health.

The animals are treated with respect from start to the finish process. They are given the freedom to roam in their natural surroundings, while being fed the most natural ingredients. It is believed that if the animals are happy and unaware of their situation, the meat is of a higher quality and without harmful toxins. On the other hand an animal can release toxins at the moment they are frightened or unhappy, which effects the meat we in turn eat.



Finishing animals in a feedlot is a fossil fuel intensive, unsustainable model for agriculture. Animals are trucked all over the country, concentrated in very small places, which causes serious, localized pollution problems, and fed grains that were raised in large mono cultures which are heavily subsidized by the government and use large amounts of fossil fuels for tractors, fertilizer, insecticides, and pesticides.

Not only does eating local grass fed beef dramatically reduce the fossil fuel inputs, under proper management the cattle also improve the environment. In many of the arid and semi-arid parts of the world, the productive grasslands co-evolved with large herds of grazing herbivores. When those animals are removed from the land the result is a dramatic loss of biodiversity and desertification.