Here are some products you may have not seen before!

Ziwi Peak

New Zealand revolutionary pet food. Free Range, grass fed and ethically sourced. All Natural contains zero preservatives. It has the same vitamins and mineral in it as a whole prey.

Casserole Pies

Home Style uppercuts own Casserole Pies. Using all our own ingredients. Cooked slowly for 6+ hours and topped with puff pastry.

Real Chicken Nuggets

Made from whole Thigh Fillets. Crumbed in the Boss’s Special recipe. Free Range & Succulent.

L’Artisan French Goodies

A range of delicacies that will entice every pallet.

Dry Cured Bacon

Uppercuts own home made dry Cured Bacon.

From Basque with love

An accompaniment to any meat dish. All natural, no preservatives or enhancers.

Cocofrio coconut ice cream

It’s natural, dairy & Gluten free.

Azuleijo Artisan sauces, marinades and rubs

Found ancestry at its best!

Cape Herb & Spice salts and rubs

The best of South Africa.

Stuffed Squid Tubes.

All Ethically sourced and sustained sea life.

Tubes stuffed with salmon patties. Flavor Bombs!

Ivan’s pies all natural no preservatives.

Gourmet pies full of flavor. All Free Range.

Phillippa’s marinades, rubs and jams.

Made from real ingredients and finished immaculately, the taste is unreal!

Emilia’s The Saucy Australian Hot Piccalilli Sauce.

Chicken Prosciutto wrap.

Holbrook paddock eggs, best eggs in the world!

Absolutely grain free, live completely outdoors, real color and real Taste!

Pumpy Jackson sugar free chocolate.

Less sugar than a carrot in a whole block.

Veal shanks, Schnitzel and Osso Bucco

Gorgeous and Pink. Pleasingly tender.

Paleo Pure Products.

Muesli, Porridge and Grenolas. High protein low carb super food.